New Year, Same Me

Every year I create a resolution, just like many people in this world. I am really good at following through on my resolutions, too. In the past, I've vowed to read a book every month, stop eating fast food, and start journaling. Although I am very good at keeping my resolutions, I have decided to do things differently this year.

This year, rather than create a new resolution, I plan to hold onto my past ones and instead focus on an intention. So, that begs the question....

What is the difference between a resolution and an intention?

Resolutions require physical action to complete. They require a change in activity or thinking or decisions. They require strong dedication and motivation. 

Intentions inform resolutions. An intention is a mentality that becomes important in all aspects of your life. An intention changes the MEANING of your actions. 

My intention for 2017 is ABUNDANCE. 

abundance definition

I want to create abundance in my life. In all areas. I want more outings with friends. I want more career opportunities. I want more dance opportunities. I want (let's be H) more money. I want more time with my boyfriend. I want more love in my heart. I just want to have an abundance of good in my life this year. 

So far, I've had an abundance of friend outings and an abundance of art in the form of a dance photoshoot. Check it out....


So, here's to a year of abundance. 

What is your 2017 intention?