Let's Talk Spring

I love springtime. That's the honest truth. 

I love the flowers and green. I love the cool nights and warm, breezy days. I love that I get to wear pretty dresses everyday if I want to and the wind blows them around and I probably flash people but it's cool because it's Spring. 

More about that breeze. I live in Phoenix, where the only regular breeze we get comes in Spring. Sure, we get some windy days here and there, and we get those crazy haboobs... but the only time of year with consistent breeziness is Spring.

Haboob exhibit A

Haboob exhibit A

Also, another note on Phoenix. Phoenix is a valley. Phoenix, and the surrounding cities are all dumped into the center of a bunch of mountains. That means all the movement in the city is contained. Movement of energy, movement of thoughts, ideas, etc. It's all stuck and it just circulates into a tiny little tornado, like those water tornado things you make in elementary school with food dye. 

springtime tornado phoenix az

I used to drive for Lyft. It was a short stint, but I really enjoyed it because I got to meet some truly interesting people. One time I picked up a woman and drove her about 45 minutes across town. She worked as an "energy healer," however as she kept talking to me, I realized she was a sex worker. That's not really that integral to the story, but I found it interesting and I learned a lot about that industry in our conversation. Maybe I'll share some of it, if it fits in. Who knows. I've started writing more freely without much drafting, so if it happens, it happens. 

Anyway, she told me about how she has seen energy patterns her whole life and recently moved to Phoenix and the energy here is different. She explained to me how the grid-system streets keep energy in a square. In a grid. It keeps it flowing, but it never leaves. It moves linearly. It doesn't swirl, or curl, or wrap itself around anything. It keeps its distance, and only comes into contact with something new if it finds its way onto the grid-path.

The woman told me about her favorite days in Phoenix. Her favorite days are the windy days. The days where all of the energy- good and bad- is swept up in the air and shifted around and blown away. It represents change. Renewal. She explained that Phoenix experiences these huge shifts in energy after the wind. We get haboobs in Summer that help to blow all of the stagnant heat out and usher in new energy. We get a whole season of breeze that literally creates a natural "Spring cleaning." 

So, here we are in Spring. It's time for shifting. It's time for renewal. It's time to let go of the things we've been holding onto and let them blow away to make room for the new. 

Here's what I am focusing on this Spring:

1. Creation. I will focus my new energy on creating new things. New art, new relationships, new projects. I have the opportunity to let go of things holding me back and create my own path.

2. Health. I am letting go (trying to, at least) of my obsession with my weight and health. I am vowing to listen to my body and my mind and feed it what it craves. I will let go of overeating, sugar cravings (which are really just messages from the ego) and fear of losing time for working.

Starting Spring of right by hiking with the girls.

Starting Spring of right by hiking with the girls.


One of the simplest opportunities for creation this Spring is a show I am in called American Voices. It is a dance performance made up of short numbers inspired by poetry. I am creating a piece for the show inspired by the following poem excerpt. I'll leave you with that. 

"...close the book on your past.
it is already done and gone.
don't feed your stories and excuses
with your focus or further attention,
it only makes your problems grow. 
let them all go.
let go of all that no longer serves you.
let go of all those habits, behaviors and
mindsets that limit you,
let go of your fear and anger-let go of your
let go of all those harmful things
that keep you from starting anew.
-Brian Thompson

Happy Spring, everybody.