My Boston Trip! 8 Things To Hit and Miss in Boston

Yo! Sorry for being M.I.A. for a while, I had a big gust of universal fate sweep me up and redirect me. I'm good now though. Here's what happened...

I have wanted to pursue dance movement therapy for as long as I can remember. I graduated with my undergrad degree in Psychology with the intent of going to grad school for DMT Counseling. I got sidetracked immediately after college though and joined a performing dance company. I mean, no complaints because I'm paid and I love dancing. But it meant I had to put my grad school dreams on hold. Well, it's been three years since I graduated and I guess the universe decided I needed to remember my goals, so I signed up for a DMT intensive program that would give me a taste of what it is and help me decide if it was still what I wanted. I honestly don't even remember signing up for this program though. Like, it just happened. Which is insane because I am really a person who plans everything so much that it loses it's fun. This time I just let it happen though, and whoooo doggy it was amaze. I learned all the things and 100 restored my motivation and drive towards pursuing the full degree.

This is from an activity we did at the intensive. That's me in all black. 

This is from an activity we did at the intensive. That's me in all black. 

I'm so terrified about the money it will cost though, so please help me if you are rich. It's $65,000 for the program and I have about $400 in my bank account. I have no undergrad debt because I worked my a$$hole off to get through it without loans. However, $65,000 is about three times as much as my undergrad, so I don't know that I can work that one off. And tbh if I could afford to pay that much, why the hell would I be going after a new job???????

Anyway, I redirected and now I'm on a good path and feeling good and looking good and smelling good again. I did go to Boston with that boyfriend guy I have and we had a great time. We were there for 3 days, so we tried to smash in as many activities as possible. Here's my list of things to definitely do in Boston and the things that were a bit underwhelming. Enjoy please. 



Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Boston garden

This was my favorite part of our trip. This museum is an old palace located right in the middle of Boston. You'd never know what lies inside based on the boring exterior, but once you enter, it is so incredible. This woman, Isabella Gardner, was a super rich af chick who loved art. This museum lets you wander through her palace and look at her huge art collection. It's truly magical, and also filled with some great Instagram opportunities. 11/10. 




Old South Meeting House Museum

Boston Old South Meeting house Museum Freedom Trail

This was unexpectedly fascinating and fun. The museum tells about the history of the meeting House and has a lot of interactive elements. The best part, in my opinion, was the reenactor in the main meeting hall. We sat around a table and talked to him about life in 18th century Boston. It felt very casual, like we were sitting around with a friend. I'd definitely recommend it. 



Freedom Trail Walking Tour 

Freedom trail boston

Okay, so I think the freedom trail is at the top of most people's lists for a Boston trip, however you may want to skip the guided tour. FALSE. The guided tour offered us so much extra information that we wouldn't have received otherwise. Plus, you can literally just cross the street wherever when you're with a tour group because the cars have to stop. 


Newbury Street 

prudential tower boston newbury street

If you want to shop but avoid the gift shops, Newbury is the place to be. This is where the local college kids hang out, so there are lots of cool record stores, clothing boutiques, and specialty stores-like a Harry Potter store HELLO! There are also a lot of great restaurants if you need a place to eat. We were there around sunset and went to the top of Prudential Tower to watch it set. 10/10 would recommend. 





Trolley Tour or Uber or Subway

crowded boston bus

We walked everywhere in Boston. The city is filled with beautiful parks that you can't fully experience from a vehicle. I loved cutting through the park to get to our destination and walking also allowed us to still see the same historic buildings we would see on a trolley tour. Plus, if you're doing the freedom trail already, a trolley tour will cover a lot of the same stops, so it is pretty redundant. 


Union Oyster House

union oyster house boston oldest restaurant

This is (supposedly) the oldest restaurant in the country. It is definitely worth a look, but the food was underwhelming and overpriced. Walk in and see the decor, check out the upstairs, and then go get a lobster roll from a food truck across the street. 


Harvard Tour

harvard handstand university boston cambridge

We did a tour of Harvard and I have mixed feelings about it. I definitely learned a lot, but it was mostly fun facts and no real education. Like they literally taught me nothing academic. I'm at Harvard for heaven's sake. Teach me astronomy. Okay but really though, I learned a lot, but it was kind of expensive for the length of tour and information provided. If you can get the tour with a Go-Pass or something, it's probably good. This is another great place for pictures, btw. 


boston skyline harbor cruise
boston sunset prudential tower

Smell ya later, Boston! I'll miss you.