Why I Make My Bed Everyday, Why You Should Too, and How to Create the Perfect Bed

This is a persuasive post about making your bed in the morning, right after you get up. I strongly believe in the power of tucked bed corners, and I believe that at the end of this post, you will too. 

I used to hate making my bed. I just didn't see the point. I mean, why would I waste my time making my bed when my room was going to go unseen all day and then I'd just sleep in my bed again and screw it up? As a kid, my mom never asked me to make my bed unless we had company coming over, and even then, I didn't even do it. I was steadfast in my opinion that making my bed was a waste of time until about two years ago. THAT'S WHEN IT ALL CHANGED. HOLYYYYYYY

Okay so I don't really know why I decided to start making my bed exactly, but it probably had something to do with the fact that I had a roommate who was somewhat cluttered and I wanted to prove that I was the neat one. So, I'd keep my room clean and my bed made as like a weird competitive thing. The joke is on me though, because I ended up sleeping better, being more successful, and also just generally liking my bedroom more. 

I've compiled a list of reasons why I think you should be making your bed. Please enjoy. 

make your bed every day

1. It feels like resort-style living every time you enter your bedroom. Seriously. It feels so fancy to have a bed all pretty and perfect. Who doesn't want to feel like they are on vacation every day of their life? You are a ~*KwEeN*~/#KING# and you deserve to feel pampered. Sure, you are doing the pampering, but when you pamper yourself by making your bed in the morning, by the time you get home in the evening you will forget how annoying it was to make your bed and you'll be able to just bask in the comfort of your self-made bedroom oasis. 

2. Making your bed in the morning keeps your sheets clean and unexposed to whatever bullshit happens when you're not home. Maybe you have animals that climb on your bed, maybe theres a cricket in your room and it climbs into your bed, maybe it's the middle of the dust bowl and dirt literally just seeps through your windows. I don't know your situation, but I do know that when you make your bed, at least your sheets will stay clean. (Bonus tip: Shower before bed. That way, you're always getting into bed with a clean bod.)

3. When you get home after a long day, you can just flop down on top of your bed and rest without having to deal with weird lumps or getting tangled in the sheets. I love laying on my bed with a throw blanket reading a book. (Bonus tip: Have a throw blanket on your bed for times when you just want to read a book or rest for a little while but don't want to be all the way under the sheets.) 


reading a book in bed the house of leaves cozy bedtime
nasty galaxy book in bed
cuddling with a good book

4. The physical action of peeling back the sheet and crawling into bed at night is symbolic of turning the page and closing the chapter on that day. Likewise, opening the sheets in the morning and closing them up again is symbolic of the start of the day. Rituals are really trendy right now, and this is pretty ritualistic so you should do it. Having a morning ritual helps you prepare and energize for the day. Having a bedtime ritual is a way of training your brain to decompress and prepare for sleep. Like Pavlov's dogs salivating at the sound of a bell, your brain will start to get sleepy when you start your bedtime ritual each night, and will start to wake up as you start your morning ritual. That stability in your life will help you. There's science behind it but IDGAF about finding proof. So just trust me, or google it yourself. 

5. It feels good to start your day by completing a task. We all have a daily to-do list. Sure, making your bed is one more thing to add to that list, but it also feels so good to be able to cross something off of the list. So, make it easy on yourself and start each day by completing your first task - Make Your Bed. Completing a task first thing in the morning sets you up for a day of progress. Baby steps are the way to lasting change, and making your bed is a baby step towards creating a more organized inner self. Namaste. 

Okay, so now that you've decided to try making your bed every morning, here's my recipe for the perfect bed:

the perfect bed how to make your bed

Comfy Mattress 

This is the basic need for your bed, obviously. It's so important though. Mattresses are expensive, but invest in a good one that makes you excited to snuggle up at night. Your mental state will thank you when it finally gets enough restful sleep. I have the YogaBed and I'm obsessed. They didn't pay me to say that, I just like it. It's comparable in price to other bed-in-a-box ideas, and I love that it comes with two pillows and has a zip-off mattress cover. Also, apparently they have a sale RN? So go buy one. 

Soft Sheets

Okay but really, sheets make a difference. Don't buy the cheap ones at Target. Splurge for the discounted $40 ones at Ross, at least. You have to put your body on them, so make them nice. You deserve nice sheets. 


I am a big fan of simple, clean bedspreads. That way, I can easily add new throw blankets and sheets to make my bed unique. It's a lot more cost effective to change small things like bed accessories than it is to change the bed spread. So, I have a few different solid color quilts and one white duvet. Simple. Clean. Into it. 


Replace your damn pillows. Seriously. They get filled with dust and then you lay on it and breathe it in all night. Ummmm NO THANKS. I replace my pillows every year or so. I don't spend a shit-ton of money on pillows. Target has good ones for a good price. 

Decorative Pillows

Get a few fun pillows to throw on your bed. Not only do they make it look more inviting, but they also work really well for adjusting your back and shoulders when you're reading in bed and just need an extra boost somewhere.

Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are fun to buy so there's literally no excuse to not have three of them. However, if you don't have one yet, you only need to look at three details when purchasing a blanket. 
1. Size - Is it big enough to cover you comfortably? You don't want to have to pull your legs into a weird position just to be underneath the blanket. Get one that is at least as long as you are. 
2. Softness- Get a soft blanket. Obviously. 
3. Care Instructions- You want to be able to wash your blanket without destroying it. Get something you can just throw in the washing machine. 

Bed Tray

Not like a pee bowl. I think it's important to have a tray on your bed where you can keep your current read, your favorite linen spray, a cup of tea, etc. Plus, it looks nice and ties things together. 
make your bed

Okay, now go make your bed!