Happy Holidays! (COOKIE RECIPE!)

Happy Holidays!  


I haven't been very good about upkeep for the blog lately because during the winter I dance in a production called The Snow Queen. We do 2+ shows a day for three weeks. Every single day. It wipes me out, but it's my favorite thing each year.  Also, I thought I posted this two weeks ago, but apparently It's been sitting in my drafts. Soooo.... I'm just going to post it now and we can all pretend that it's still relevant, mostly because it buys me some time before my real post next week. Capiche? 

Now that SQ is over, I have a week to get all of my shit together for Christmas. A few years ago, my grandmother made a rule that all gifts exchanged must be something to eat or drink. I think it was an effort to keep materialism at bay. So, I create a box of goodies for my grandparents each Christmas according to her rule. Here's what is going in the box this year:


A bottle of wine

A jar of homemade pesto (recipe coming soon) 

A jar of homemade vegetable stock (Recipe HERE)

A plate of THESE cookies

A box of candy canes



What is your go-to Christmas gift?