My GD Favorite Things - Feb 2017

I haven't written in a while, mostly because i've been busy hustlin'. On my grind. Getting paper. Okay, not tons of paper yet, but I'm working on it. At the start of the new year, I lost three jobs equaling about half of my income. Not cool. I felt into my intuition about it and always knew it was for the best and that new things would come. I told myself that I wouldn't just take a job for money.

I have the opportunity to use this experience as a way to truly create my career. I can shed one mediocre job for another that is more fitting for me. I can create my own life. 

So, here's how it's going....

I recently accepted a position as the department head of movement and dance at a local acting academy. 

I am leaving in about ten minutes for a meeting with a community center looking for monthly special needs Jubilee classes. 

I was asked to submit a proposal for social media work for a national organization. (I find out if I get the job on or around February 13th! So jam me some + vibes, plz.)


Anyway, I've been on my grind hella lately, and these are the things keeping me going. Enjoy, yo. 



I have always admired Sophia Amoruso. I listen to her Girlboss Radio podcast religiously, eye her style on Nastygal, and just daydream about being her BFF. This book is awesome and inspirational and cool and all of the things. Bonus: It is pretty and makes a great coffee table book. 



2. All natural stress relief. Obviously. I honestly love all of the Bach Flower Essence products, but this one has been in heavy use lately.  

3. THIS recipe is BOMB. It thrills me because I typically already have all of these ingredients on hand. 

4. Bloguettes. They are a local group of women working to make freelancing easier for us. BOOM. Love it. Check out their Freelancer's Toolkit

5. I just got a Hydroflask and daayyyuummm I understand the hype. This puppy keeps my water ice cold all day, even after sitting in a hot AZ car. 10/10. Give me more. 

k, bai family. ttys

My Favorite Fall-Fashion Finds on Amazon

I LOVE Amazon. As a total homebody, the idea of being able to shop from the comfort of my couch (while watching The Kardashians, obviously) is incredible.

I already buy pretty much all of my health and beauty products on Amazon, but recently I decided to delve into the world of Amazon fashion. I am SO impressed. So far, I have loved everything I've purchased, and I have been able to accurately determine my size and avoid returns, AND EVERYTHING IS SO AFFORDABLE. 


Here are some of the items on my Fall Fashion wishlist (Hint, Hint):


This top, perfect for the 70 degree Autumn days in Phoenix. It looks so comfy!

This super cute cardigan. I still love elbow patches, even though I know they are a little outdated. Sue me. 

I'm kind of obsessed with funky socks and these look so cozy. 

This is literally just a blanket disguised as clothing. I'm in. 

 I'm such a sucker for boots, and the reviews say the heel is higher than pictured. I really suck at walking in heels, but challenge accepted. I love these. 

What are your favorite fall fashion items? Where do you find the best fashion deals? Let me know in the comments!