I Made a Life List

Okay, so first things first... wtf is a life list? A life list is a list of goals, dreams, and aspirations for the near future. Similar to a bucket list, it is a list of things to accomplish in your lifetime. Different from a bucket list, it puts the emphasis on your life. These are things to actively pursue NOW. These are things that you don't wait around to accomplish. You make active steps towards it. 

The idea for my life list came from my friend Drew who hosts the Defining Audacity Radio Show. I spent a few days with this guy back in April and he blew my mind. He's so awesome. Most importantly, he inspired me to make a life list and start crossing off items ASAP. 


Here's my LIFE LIST of things to accomplish in the next 5 years. *Stuff with an X is completed!

1. Organize a speaking event through Ignite

(X) 2. Produce/Direct my own full-length dance show

3. Visit the Mediterranean 

4. Hug a redwood tree

5. Make a snowman with Alex

6. Hike to the hidden resort ruins

7. Stand behind a waterfall

8. Learn to start a fire and keep it burning

9. Work on a pottery wheel

10. Take an art class

11. Attend a wellness conference

12. Go to the opera

13. See Cirque Du Soleil

(X) 14. Do the 36 questions to love with Alex

15. Make my own cheese

16. Make my own pasta

17. Help someone cross something off of their life list

18. Visit Australia

19. Create a source of passive income

20. Get reiki

21. Get my fortune read

22. Take a capoeira class

23. Stay in a fancy hotel for a whole week

24. Take a segway tour

25. Learn fire fans

26. Travel outside the US

27. Teach Alex how to cook a meal from scratch

28. Go live on FB 

29. Travel alone

30. Make my own pretzels

31. Set up a coffee date with a Facebook acquaintance

32. Host a fancy dinner and make everything from scratch

33. Grow a garden

(X) 34. Buy a house


I'll keep adding! What's on your LiFE LiST?