Three Steps to Boost Your Body Confidence

How did I fake my way into body confidence? I'll never know for sure if it was magic or an actual solid effort on my part, but for the sake of the lesson, let's go through some tips to fake it until you make it.

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Things To Do With Leftover Food

I'm here to tell you about things you can do with your leftover food. Listed below are some relatively simple ways to ensure that your unused food is not wasted. 

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Mindfulness Challenge: Mercury Retrograde, Adulting, and You.

Mercury Retrograde hit me hard this time. Like, real hard. However, coming out of retrograde has hit me just as hard... in a good way. 

For those of you who don't follow the astrological phases, click HERE for some more info about how the moon and planets affect us. In short, Mercury is the planet that is connected to communications, and retrograde is a time when communications break down. It is a bad time to make major decisions because of this communication break-down. During this recent Mercury retrograde, I lost two potential contracts for jobs, contracted whooping cough and a larygospasm to go with it (ummm, blocked throat chakra??) , and had an identity theft scare. 

Since the end of retrograde, I have gained the two contracts back, turns out it was just a miscommunication among vendors and they actually DO want me, and I solved the identity theft issue. Unfortunately, this damn cough is still sticking around, but I'm slowly getting better. 


Most importantly, since the planetary shift, I have rediscovered direction in my career. I have always known what I want to do in my life, but I've struggled to make it happen. Partially because it is not a career that I can just step into, it's something I have to create for myself and my community. 

I'm definitely not the first person to DIY my career. In fact, according to a lot of research on millennial trends, it's rather common for my generation. For some reason, however, I struggle to find the confidence and courage to make it happen. I play it safe and find myself saying "I'll start tomorrow," a little too often.  

It is this negative way of thinking that keeps me stuck in the realm of almost-adulting. 

I can't be the only person to fall into this mind-trap. It's so easy to look at other people and say, "They are better than me."

I propose a challenge: For the next month, I challenge you to live by the "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" Philosophy. Every time you catch yourself envying another's successes, recognize that there is an opportunity for growth. If they did it, who's to say you can't do it too? Even better, you can now look at their design model and improve upon it. How could you tweak what someone else did to make it a better fit for you? 


In my life, I've always been ahead of the game; always the youngest one at the table, always the one to cause looks of shock when I say my age. For so long I remember really valuing my young age because it made my accomplishments look even more impressive. I was impressive because I was comparing myself to others. I didn't find my value from within, always compared to others. Now, at 25, I am getting to the level where my age isn't working for me. I can no longer impress people by saying I'm dancing professionally or I run my own performing company. A lot of 25 year-olds do that and more. It's time for me to stop looking at those comparisons. It's time for me to stop feeling down about what I am not doing, and instead use it as fuel to do more. We can always do more. Even when we think we can't possibly do anything else, there's always more. That's not to say you shouldn't be happy with where you are, I think that it's important to honor your personal journey, but within that journey there is always more if you allow for it. Don't do more because somebody else has more. Do more because you have more. You have potential for more. I have potential for more. Always. More what? Anything. Be true to yourself and your own personal journey, and the "more" is limitless. 

It will be a long road to full-on adulting, and maybe we will never truly feel like accomplished, real adults, but I am finally finding the drive I need to get a little closer.  

Thanks, Universe for putting me through a communication cleanse and allowing me to find my voice again. I'm excited for my new steps. Baby steps. Baby steps out the door. Baby steps into the elevator. Baby steps toward adulting and designing my own life. 

My Favorite Fall-Fashion Finds on Amazon

I LOVE Amazon. As a total homebody, the idea of being able to shop from the comfort of my couch (while watching The Kardashians, obviously) is incredible.

I already buy pretty much all of my health and beauty products on Amazon, but recently I decided to delve into the world of Amazon fashion. I am SO impressed. So far, I have loved everything I've purchased, and I have been able to accurately determine my size and avoid returns, AND EVERYTHING IS SO AFFORDABLE. 


Here are some of the items on my Fall Fashion wishlist (Hint, Hint):


This top, perfect for the 70 degree Autumn days in Phoenix. It looks so comfy!

This super cute cardigan. I still love elbow patches, even though I know they are a little outdated. Sue me. 

I'm kind of obsessed with funky socks and these look so cozy. 

This is literally just a blanket disguised as clothing. I'm in. 

 I'm such a sucker for boots, and the reviews say the heel is higher than pictured. I really suck at walking in heels, but challenge accepted. I love these. 

What are your favorite fall fashion items? Where do you find the best fashion deals? Let me know in the comments! 

Don't Get Married Unless This Is True

For a long time I was in a relationship with somebody whose qualities made me cringe. The way he handled stress, his inability to think critically, even the way he breathed drove me up a wall. I remember praying that my kids wouldn’t inherit the qualities I hated. 

We were together for six years, and I thought we were well on our way towards marriage and kids and the whole shebang. Things changed, like they tend to do, and about a year after we broke up, I received this relationship advice:

“Marry somebody you want your kids to be like.” 

It's just that simple. 

When I think about past relationships, I realize there were often things about my partner that I’d hate for my kids to inherit. The way he lied to his mother, his disinterest in learning about the world around him, the way he would belittle me when he was around his friends. If I don’t want my child to treat me the way my partner treats his parents, it is a red flag. More so, if I don’t want my child to treat me the way my partner treats me, it’s a HUGE red flag. 

I think it’s easy to overlook issues in relationships because we see so many positive aspects in other areas. I’m not saying everything has to be perfect and easy all of the time, because it definitely is not, but it is important to look at things from all angles. 

It has been almost a year since I received that advice, and I am in a healthy relationship. I can honestly say I would be lucky to have children who are just like my partner. 


The Best Advice I've Ever Received

I just met a man who started his morning with 75 handstand push-ups. Impressive, right? It's even more impressive when you learn that he's 70 years old!

When this man sat down next to me in a crowded autoshop waiting room, I wasn't very interested in chatting. I had no idea that he would leave me with the best advice I'd ever received. I had work to get done, and I was already in a bad mood because my car was taking twice as long as I expected. As I feared, the man started talking to me. I told him about my job and listened to his stories about the Italian mob in NYC where he grew up. Before I knew it, I was truly captivated by our conversation. 

As he was leaving, he left me with one of the most inspiring thoughts I've ever heard. I scrambled to write them down. Here they are...

“My wife died of cancer… she lived with it for 25 years. So I know that when you have a body that works, you gotta use it. I use mine, every single day. I haven’t missed a workout since I was 35 and I’m 70 now. This morning, I did 75 handstand push-ups and oh man do I feel it! I’m so sore already! But it feels like strength and life and at 70 years old, any day could be my last. So I do everything I can to use the body I have before I lose it. That’s really something I wish I could tell more people. You gotta use what you have before it’s gone.” 

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